Anahata Technologies Joins Hands with Java EE Guardians

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd, an Australian Oracle Java Specialized Gold Partner, has recently joined Java EE guardians for preserving the interests of the Java EE community

A globally popular software development company, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd has joined hands with Java EE guardians to raise voice for safeguarding the interests of Java EE community. Java EE guardians is basically a group of people, organizations and Java User Groups interested in moving Java EE forward. The main purpose of Java EE guardians is advocacy, raising awareness and finding solutions to the lack of commitment to Java EE. Presently, they are strongly supporting active Java EE 8 JSRs with the collaboration and mutual support of individuals as well as companies. Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd is also supporting this cause and recently they have contacted Java EE guardians to provide them full support in whichever way possible. The whole team of Anahata is set to strongly support Java EE guardians in bringing Java EE in the limelight again.

Anahata Technologies offers a wide range of services, like Business Process Improvement, E-Commerce Development, Enterprise Software Development, Cloud Development, IT Staff Provisioning and many others, to fully suffice the varied needs of their customers. These services are rendered by their experienced software developers who have deep knowledge about different databases like Oracle Java, JavaFX, Java EE, Linux and MySQL, and proven experience working in this domain. They employ latest technology to ensure high quality standards of the service are maintained and they fully satisfy their clients’ needs. Those interested in opting their services can contact their professionals by filling a simple questionnaire provided on their official website, In addition, they also offer a free initial assessment to businesses located within the Perth or Melbourne metropolitian area.

Speaking more about their motive behind joining Java EE guardians, Mr. Pablo Rodriguez, Founder, Owner and CEO of Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd commented, “We are aware that almost every application and framework depends on many Java EE APIs today and going forward. Hence to safeguard the interests of Java EE community, Anahata has joined hands with Java EE guardians and will offer them support in whichever way possible.

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