Anahata Technologies, a Certified Oracle Java Partner, Launches New Support and Monitoring Plans

Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd, an Oracle Java Partner, has recently introduced new support and monitoring plans for their customers

One of the reputed software development companies in Melbourne, Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd has recently launched new support and monitoring plans to meet the varied needs of their customers. They have classified their plans into three divisions, namely economy, premium and enterprise. The economy plan costs $250 per month, the premium plan costs $500 per month and the enterprise plan costs $1000 per month. Based on the plans, customers are provided different services like database backup, disaster recovery, data replication, service deck, response times, business systems monitoring, built in slowness detection and many others. In addition, customers are also provided with the services of monitoring server, support mailbox, support phone line and issue tracker. These plans are designed by their team of highly skilled and talented professionals under Anahata’s standard SLA. The plans that this Oracle Java specialized Gold partner offers can be effectively be used for reducing risks as well as for managing the complexities related to advanced technologies. To make it simple for clients, Anahata has developed numerous monitoring templates that can be efficiently used for any host running Windows, Linux or MAC OS. Moreover, they also provide such templates for various other systems like MySQL, JMX (JVM), NTP and ICMP PING. Through these templates, customers can easily perform a number of checks such as total swap space, free swap space, CPU interrupt time, host boot time, MySQL version and many others.

Mr. Pablo Rodriguez, Founder, Owner and CEO of Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd talked more about their business systems support and monitoring plans, “The business systems support and monitoring plans Anahata have launched are designed under our Standard SLA. Through these plans, clients can get assistance in easily performing a number of checks associated with Windows OS, Linux OS, MySQL, JMX (JVM), NTP, ICMP PING.

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