When Do We Need SQL Database with Our Web Hosting?

Hosting providers typically provide you with the option to have databases when you buy web hosting. But what does that mean and why would you need them when creating a website? Knowing and understanding the reasons why an SQL database may be essential to web hosting may help you in managing and running your website in the long run. Here are a few instances when SQL database makes sense with your web hosting:

  • When you need a better way to organise, access, and retrieve your data – Web hosting packages typically come with RDBMS or relational database systems, which organises web data in tabular layout for easy and quick retrieval. Databases are the collection of columns and rows, where each is related to others in certain ways. Because of that, information from an SQL database can be efficiently and quickly retrieved, unlike when you store data in an unstructured format.
  • To increase the security of your data – One of the major advantages of an SQL database is the added security that safeguards against unauthorised access. Web hosting with an SQL database prevents your database records from being tampered, especially if it comes with login credentials, which can be stored in a straightforward text file and read by the script for authentication. Databases can encrypt entries, too, using the hashtag algorithm to keep them obscured.
  • When you want more administrative control – Database systems should allow for easy management and administration of tables and databases in them. You can assign users specific rights to your database to limit access and to increase the security of your data.
  • Make data storage and retrieval more efficient – You need SQL database with your web hosting service to keep actions pertaining to your data more efficient. SQL restricts the information stored in every column or row according to certain conditions. This can be advantageous to developers and programmers.
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