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Software Application Development

Anahata’s main field of expertise is the analysis, design, implementation and support of software applications.

Using Agile development methodologies, our software engineers engage in regular ‘Standup’ meetings with our customer’s subject matter experts.

With the aid of cloud based, collaborative tools for requirement gathering, wire framing, iteration planning and issue tracking, several application development iterations are conducted with new application builds deployed to a test environment on a regular basis.

Customers can test the application on a test environment, provide feedback to Anahata developers through video conference, email or directly from the beta application itself.

Once the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or all the functionality for the first scheduled release has been completed, a production environment is prepared and the first production build of the software application is deployed, this is what we normally call version 1.0.0.

Reached this stage, the software application development process expands to provide support to end users while allowing for in parallel development of newer versions. This is achieved through branching and merging the applications source code.

Subsequent releases of the software application will be versioned as follows:

1.0.1 For minor changes such as bug fixes or minor modifications

1.1.0 For "medium sized" changes like a new application screen or improvements to an existing module

2.0.0 For a major application upgrade such as new modules or a new user interface.