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Anahata provides web development services using the Oracle Java Enterprise Edition platform.

Our software engineers develop, deploy, monitor and support enterprise grade, cloud based applications for customers in Australia and overseas.

Following software engineering best practices and open standards, our web based solutions are engineered as per the following principles:

  • Maximize the lifespan of the system by using web development frameworks based on open standards to avoid vendor lock-in scenarios.
  • Maximize compatibility by adopting cross platform technology where possible.
  • Maximize system interoperability using open standards such as Java, Java EE, SQL, REST, SOAP, JSON, XML, JPA or JDBC to interface between different modules of the system. This allows different modules of the system (such as the database) to be replaced for an equivalent module.
  • Maximize adoption of open source software libraries. Reduces licensing costs and allows our engineers to dive into the source code of a software library developed by a another vendor if a defect was to be encountered and support from the underlying vendor was not available.