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Case Study: Magefrigor

Magefrigor S.L. is a private slaughterhouse company based in Spain.

The custom software system was developed using Agile software development principles where both Magefrigor Staff members and Anahata’s engineers collaborated via screen mockups, wireframes, shared documents, on site meetings and video conferences.

The first version of this custom software solution was built on in 2008 with a small set of functionality running on Java 6. New modules have been added over time and it is currently running on the latest Java 8 version.

The system has currently the following functionality:

  • Cattle management.
  • Goat management.
  • Sheep management.
  • Barcode aided data entry.
  • Digital scale connectivity via serial port.
  • Barcode printing and tracking of meat pieces.
  • Leather management.
  • Integration with Department Of Health.
  • Integration with Department Of Agriculture.
  • Manage users and permissions.
  • Manage Customers.
  • System parameters and reference data configuration.
  • Configure templates used by the system.
  • Revenue reporting.
  • Invoicing.
  • Customer web portal.
  • Template Management.
  • System Auditing.

The system integrates with:

  • Accounting package.
  • Department Of Health.
  • Department Of Agriculture.