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Case Study: Squirrel

Squirrel is an enterprise-class clinic management application that delivers the specific needs of your clinic that integrates seamlessly with other software packages like Doctor Director or Genie.

Through Squirrel, Anahata develops and implements custom solutions to meet every need of the medical workplace offering any additional functionality that your existing software does not meet.

Upon request, our consultants will analyze your requirements and give a free of cost quotation and high level solution proposal.


The system has currently the following functionality:

  • Online access for patients to view / write their history, details of the consultation or diagnosis.
  • In depth patient history (vs. free form).
  • Patient monitoring (waiting room, in with doctor, etc…)
  • Online patient satisfaction survey.

Squirrel is a cross platform application that runs on any version of Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows for both client and server.