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Case Study: Workload Management System

Since its early stages, Anahata has participated in the development and rollout of the Academic Workload Management System (AWMS) at Curtin University.

Working close with users, and Human Resources, Anahata contributed to the delivery and maintenance of a fully Ajax enabled JEE5 application with built in real time reporting.


Project Overview

The Academic Workload Management System integrates a variety of well known academic business systems such as StudentOne, Alesco or SyllabusPlus to combine human resources, student and course data and gives Head Of Areas at the university the ability to allocate workload to each of the academics in a transparent manner.

Technical features

Single Sign On (SSO) – integrating with the Enterprise Directory Sytem, users can log in once to the intranet and use the system will detect the same credentials for authentication and authorization against the application.

With a built in real time in memory reporting, users can report as they go through the allocation process to identify areas under or over allocated.

A Web 2.0 ajax enabled interface allows the users to leverage features like partial web page update, auto complete text fields, drag and drop pop ups, etc.

Used technologies

GlassFish is a fully JEE 5 and 6 compliant open source Application Server. Built on OSGI, offers full support for Web Services, JMS, EJB and any other technology part of the JEE stack. GlassFish can run on almost every platform and is available at zero cost.

Oracle is the worlds #1 database. Delivering best performance, reliability and scalability. Leveraging the clients current licencing model Oracle is the perfect fit for such approach.

JasperReport is an open source buisness inteligence and reporting tool that allows the Academic Work Load Management System to deliver real time reporting in a variety of formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, etc. JasperSoft offers a free edition of JasperReport.

IceFaces is an open sourceJava AJAX toolkit that delivers Web 2.0 rich internet applications and partial DOM update, giving the user an almost desktop experience. Another component of the stack at zero cost